Tuesday, July 3, 2007

4th of July pre-release :))

These are my last 3 creations until I get back from vacation ^_^
They are kimono shirt and skirt combos. You can wear with just about any style jeans, pants, boots, heels... whatev :)) And incase anyone is interested where I got the jeans, shoes hair and skin heres the list:
Shoes: WRONG - Buckle Boots (black)
Jeans: DE - 858 Ladies Signature Jeans-Dirty Wash
Hair: TAUNT - Sharise, Pink Purple Pack (note: the hair is mod, and i added a purple hue to get that darkness from the grape in the pack)
Skin: Celestial Studios
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Lollies - black
Jeans: Kalico Kreations - [KK] Bunny Jeans
Hair: Kin Keiko - FayePigtailHair-black
Skin: Tete a Pied - Asiatique Light Peach Blossom
Shoes: Enky Things - Tagona Dragon Red
Jeans: DE - Vye Jeans Black
Hair: ETD - Aveda
Skin: Celestial Studios

Hope everyone enjoys these ^_^ My personal fav is smoochie.. but i'm a purple-holic O_o lol
Have an awesome week everyone! If you're blowing up fireworks umm be safe and stuff! :D


Ana Lutetia said...

sweetness! cuteness!

Cherry Tokyo said...

Thanks Ana ^__^ *snugs*