Monday, July 2, 2007

New @ Cherry's

I've started making some skins.... Soooo yeah... XD I get tired of looking at skin all day so I have been taking breaks making new clothes so I don't tire myself out. I've made a Japanese schoolgirl outfit and a babydoll kimono dress. The schoolgirl outfit comes with prim baggy socks and the kimono dress can be worn as maternity clothes as well; the skirt prims are curved so it's a one size fits all I suppose hehe :)
Also wanted to mention Lux Yao (owner of Amaretto) and I have decided to take the East meets West concept a bit further. We have purchased land and made our main shops right next to each other. The SLurl is . Feel free to stop by and check it out. It's a pretty cute setup if i do say so myself ^_~ We also plan to have a Spring and Fall fashion show every year. So keep an eye out for future postings on an upcomming East meets West Fall show! :))


JetDoll said...

oh cherry the school girl outfit is so beautiful! congrats on your new store location *huggles*

Cherry Tokyo said...

tyvm cutie pie :)) *snugs*