Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Inventory Reduction & Clearance Sale

**Update** The sale is still going strong through Sunday! This will be my last sale until after our second East meets West fashion show in the Fall. So come check Amaretto and Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos out this weekend! :)
I might do another Geisha dance for the closing on Sunday, getting a lot of requests to do another ^__^ I will post a notice in my Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos group of what time it will take place... Probly a lot earlier than 9pm SL time.. that's pretty late for me lol ;)

Lux Yao, of Amaretto, and I have decided to have an East meets West weekend sale starting at 9pm SL time Friday the 13th through 9pm Sunday the 15th! This is a huge sale. We're chopping prices on selected items by 50%, releasing brand spankin new items, discontinuing some clothes after this sale to make room for more new stuff, and what's a sale without freebies? I will also be handing out a limited free item just for this sale. So come check it out this weekend!

The location is on the Boracay Island Sim. sURL is : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boracay%20Island/162/107/22

See you there! :) ~ Cherry


Jyla Sachertorte said...

The dancing that you and Kitty Pidegon were doing was so beautiful and I really enjoyed the music. I thank you for all the beautiful kimonos and cheongsams that you create, they are truly breathtaking. I also love your fans! I bought some kimonos today but could not find any of the geisha wigs ..do you sell them or know where I can find any of those or where to find fan dance animations?

I really enjoyed your performance :) Thank you and Kitty for doing that.

Cherry Tokyo said...

Awe Thanks! :) I had alot of fun dancing too. I started out in SL as a Geisha so it brought back fuzzy memories hehe ^__^
As for the hair i'll send some LMs inworld for ya :)

Jyla Sachertorte said...

Thank you so much for all the landmarks! <3 <3 The hair and dances and jewelry and skins are just perfect. I plan on putting on all of it and dancing in my garden and playing mp3 music of Japanese music and leaving SL running create a live Screen Saver :D