Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Coming Soon

I'm just about done with the new kimonos i've been working on. Wanted to show a preview of one of my favorite color/pattern. These will come with shoes, two-part flexi obi, optional flexi sleeve and skirt prims, & 3 different collars (1 black fur, 1 white fur, and one 3-tiered regular collar). The sleeves have been modified so they don't "stick out" when standing still. Anywho, there are 9 other color/pattern textures in the works and I plan to release these no later than Friday. Here's the preview:

Cherry Tokyo
xoxo ^____~


Artesia Beaumont said...

Love It! (me sings-lol!), I am looking forward to checking out your new line! Btw, I love the ornament in the hair!

Cherry Tokyo said...

Awe thanks ^_~