Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back from a very merry Ohio vaycay!

So, a week of my sister visiting, then 2.5 days of driving, 2 weeks of visiting in Ohio, and another 2.5 days driving home... I can't begin to explain how antsy I am to get back to work (and stoked to be out of the car!!). Still, you know, laundry, grocery shopping, turning the water back on, etc.. you know. That fun 'adult' stuff you have to do to get your household in order before the week starts.
Anyway, entertaining the masses, I did manage to find time to doodle this with markers and ink. The snowscape fascinated me for 4 days and then I wanted my Vegas desert back lol :)

Starting Monday all the merchandise in my mainstore location will be removed and the store itself will go through a transformation. You can still purchase my Eastern themed clothing on the Second Life Marketplace: click here
In the meantime, I will be a busy bee!
As always, if ya see me online in-world, say hello! ^__^

~ Cherry

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