Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to work

It's been a while. Art school kept me busy. Pwwahhhh

I'm still too much of an entrepreneur. So here I am ;)

I put a lot of thought into what kind of content I wanted to make first... went inworld and found myself digging through old clothes. Dissatisfied, I went secret and not so secret shopping. Nothing suits my style. I mean, not to insult the talented clothiers inworld, everything I bought just wasn't "me."

I guess art school does that to you, especially fashion designers... ^__~

So, starting tomorrow, I am sketching out designs for a line of clothing i'm just going to call "the essential basics" for now. No mesh yet. Well maybe. It really depends where my sketches take me. My mind takes me down roads in art I didn't expect to take. Getting something out there before my 2 week vaycay to visit my inlaws in Ohio (I knooooow! Ermahgerd. Cherry got married in RL!), plus I have some acrylic painting to do. Getting ready to open an Etsy shop and participate in gallery sales. Fun times. Good life. ^___^

Nevertheless, i'll announce when it's up. Give a girl some time, perhaps a week or two. My wacom tablet, photoshop and maybe maya is going to get a workout.

Thanks for reading, if you catch me online inworld shoot me an IM! 

Cherry Tokyo

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