Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CTK Sale! :)) Last Day

FYI I think im going to put prices back around 4pm-ish sl time today.
Also, I plan to release some new stuffage Monday, 20 new items and then I start a line of creative clothes for our(Lux Yao and I) fashion show Oct 28th so I probably won't release anything new for a while. :)

Heya ! I'm having another discontinuation sale for a few items. I've priced them at 50L each & after the sale I won't be selling them. They're on a wall just outside my shop: CTK

Also everything inside my shop is discounted as well.. basically everything is 50% off with an exception for my uchikake and kimono sets, I did however reduce the price on those as well :)

I also discounted everything on my onrez shop:
So if you wanted to buy something for a friend or have something transferable you can find it there! :)


Kat said...

Please, what font is that in your sale sign? Not the title font but the rest of the text. Thanks! :)

- Tardis Noel

Cherry Tokyo said... The font I used for the title was Bleeding Cowboy and the font text below is Nocker the numbers and dollar sign is another font called Waltograph because Nocker doesnt have fonts for numbers and symbols :)

Arianna Psaltery said...

Sweet! I've had my eye on some certain kimonos :D